Guests of honour :

Patricia Liddell Russell 10 years old in 1945
Heather Liddell Ingham 8 years old in 1945
Eddie Wang Cheng-Han 20 years old in 1945


Ex-internees of Weihsien Concentration Camp:

Joseph Charles Cotterill 28 years old in 1945,
Joyce Esda Cotterill 17 yeras old in 1945,
Hakon Daniel Torjesen 17 years old in 1945,
Louise deJongh

12 years old in 1945,

Brian Kerry 12 years old in 1945
Janette Ley-Pander 7 years old in 1945,
Deirdre Johnson 7 years old in 1945.
Brian Butcher 5 years old in 1945,
Leopold Pander 4 years old in 1945,
Angela Cox Elliot 2 years old in 1945,
Valentine A Soltay 1 year old in 1945
Adrian Mark Butcher Born just after our liberation

our hosts :

Mr. Wang Hao Director of Weifang Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
Mr. Sui ShuDe  
Mr Li ChangXiang  
Mr. Li Cheng  
Mr. Li JingBo  
Mr. Liu YunQuan  
Mr. Li YueJin  
Mr. Liu SongBo  
Mr. Yang YongFu  
Mr. Yu Dingbin  
Mr. Zhang Renke  
Mr. Zhong Yi  
Mr. Zhao HuiTang  






guests of honour