- Liberation Day: August 17, 2015 ... 70 years later ...

- Speech by Patricia Liddell Russell:


August 17, 2015

  My speech was just a little one and so it was not cut down to one minute. It was already one minute.
Unfortunately, I threw away the speech but this is what I remember of it.


— My father Eric Liddell was born in Tientsin ( Tianjin) as were my mother, myself, and my sister Heather.

— It was a country and a people he loved. He hoped to minister to and educate the young people so they could make their country strong again.

— When the war became too dangerous he sent his pregnant wife and two young daughters back to Canada saying he would join them later.

Pearl Harbour intervened and he was interned in Weishen Camp.

— Now there is a film being made of this time in his life. It is called "The Last Race"

— Joseph Fiennes is portraying my father and Elizabeth Arendts my mother.

— Joseph had a good long conversation with me and he says he is honoured to play this part and wants to get it right. He has spent much time and energy finding out what made my father tick.

— He even read his book " The disciplines of the Christian Life".

— Elizabeth has also made a huge effort to portray my mother to perfection.

— This effort by both of them has been very much appreciated by the family.

— But one must remember, this is not a documentary. It is a movie inspired by my fathers life.

— We the family wish them well.

Patricia Liddell Russell


The Last Race - The Independent