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August 20, 2020 ...
a preliminary meeting:




“National patriotism education demonstration base” and “national key cultural relics protection units” -- Unveiling and scheduling meeting of “The Courtyard of the Happy Way & Weihsien Concentration Camp Museum” opening

On August 20, the meeting was held in the Courtyard of the Happy Way. The meeting listened to the preparatory work, studied and solved the current problems, and arranged the next work.

Baojie Chu, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and Minister of the publicity department, attended and delivered a speech.

Minister Baojie Chu fully affirmed the orderly development of the preparatory work. He pointed out that “the Former Site of the Courtyard of the Happy Way & Weihsien Concentration Camp” witnessed the noble quality of Weifang people's kindness, bravery and helpfulness, and was a precious resource for the study of the history of China's Anti Japanese War and even the history of the world's anti fascist war. It is of far-reaching significance to do a good job in the research, excavation and utilization of historical resources of Weihsien Concentration Camp.

All relevant departments and units should improve their political position, set up the "one game of chess" thought, work closely together to form a joint force, further refine the process and do a good job of preparatory work under the premise of grasping the standard of thrifty holding the meeting. It is necessary to do a good job in security work, establish a linkage mechanism for security work, strictly implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, carry out daily inspection on fire safety, traffic safety, electricity safety, food safety and other links, and resolutely fight the "overall war" of safety meetings to ensure that no problems occur. We should vigorously create a strong atmosphere of public opinion, organize media forces to carry out special reports, tell the story of “the Former Site of the Courtyard of the Happy Way & Weihsien Concentration Camp” to the world, strive to create a new Weifang International Business card, and build a new window and platform for international exchange and cooperation.