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The Fallen Wall --- "The Omen"
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--- Excerpt from Ida Talbot’s diary of the 4th July 1943 Weihsien.

We had hardly returned from supper when the rain started pouring. Sid was holding the baby who was crying very badly. Peter & Gay were creating a terrific din when thunder & lightning flashed & drummed and a tremendous crash was heard. Gay looked out and said that the Carters’ sunshade had collapsed. Then Sid looked out of our little back window and shouted "there was no wall".

For several minutes, it did not seem to penetrate into anyone’s head that it was the wall which was keeping us in. I jumped up on the box under the window to see; I did and immediately painted it. Sid was chafing with Christine’s howling. However when I had finished and he saw the result he was proud.

No one in the row thought to look out of their back window until Sid convinced them. However the zinc roof of the water tower situated between one row of buildings in front was blown into our courtyard by a rain spout.

Stan A. was witness to this phenomenon. He said a sheet of water came down followed by another and before it had time to reach the ground, the previous sheet of water lifted it right into air, taking the roof of the water tower with it and when its strength was spent, dropped it in our courtyard.

I have never seen such activity on our highway. People just keep on massing to see the broken wall and to look out onto freedom. Then people sang "God bless America". It is very touching time, and how we longed with all our hearts that this was a1l over.

The Japanese were the last to know, and after a couple of hours they came with a bale of barbed wire.

The American Fathers then had a sing song of old favourites. They sat on the stage wearing blue shirts, white pants & red ties. Some wore the letter "V" shape.
At God bless America, the Stars & Stripes was unfurled. It was impressive.

What a day!