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This photo was taken in 1908 by Eric Gustafson's grand father ---
The boundary wall ---

The hospital as we know it was built in 1924 (Shady Side Hospital) and Eric Gustafson's photo was taken in 1908! It was the first hospital built in WeiHsien and there is a picture of it in Norman's chapter . There was a Hospital, a women's dispensary and a men's dispensary.

Furthermore, if you click on this link in Norman's chapter: you will notice that the outside wall has exactly the same curve and if you compare this photo with Eric Gustafson's of 1908 - you will notice that the Japs added a small boundary wall (on the ground denivellation) and a watchtower mounted with search lights and machine guns.
The door seen in Eric's photo is the secondary door (closed) as mentioned in Father Verhoeven's map. Remember, it was there that Father Hanquet was waiting, very early in the morning before roll-call, with a rope ladder for the eventual return of the escapees when Hummel & Tipton escaped from the camp --- The main entrance, as I mentioned previously, is not visible on the photo.

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