From Jonathan Henshaw

I grew up in BC, Canada, and am currently attending the University of Alberta as an M.A. student. I came to be researching Weihsien through my interest in Chinese history. Back in 2002 as an undergrad, I spent the summer teaching English in Yantai and came to be interested in the old foreign buildings that are clustered along the shoreline there.

Later, by pure chance, I ran into a old missionary who had also been at the Chefoo School and was then interned at Weihsien (James H. Taylor III). Already planning on going back to university to continue my education, I began to learn more about the history behind those old buildings that had caught my attention on my first trip to China and decided to make Weihsien the focus of my thesis research.

Jonathan Henshaw --- Weifang research trip 2009 ---
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