Speech by Madam Wang Xioujuan at Liberation Banquet, Weifang, 17 August 1995


         Ladies, Gentlemen and Friends, today, six friends from four continents gather in Weifang to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Weifang compound's liberation. First, allow me on behalf of Weifang People's Government to extend our warmest welcome to you.


         Fifty years have passed and peace and development have become two major subjects in the world. China's quickly developing economy attracts global attention while Weifang, a medium-sized city, has also witnessed great social and economic progress. You have seen that a new industrial city has been built up from a small county town; a school and a hospital have been set up on the relics of the dismal camp.

         Compared with developed countries, our education level still lags far behind. We hope friends from across the world will help us to improve it with advanced methods and experience. Education is the basis for a prosperous country; a powerful China would be a positive factor in the development of world peace. I believe this is in compliance with Mr. Liddell's ideals of peace, fellowship and dedication.

         Please forward this information to your friends - that Weifang's gate is always open and welcoming to sightseers and to those looking for co-operation opportunities in Weifang.

         Now, I'd like to propose a toast: for the 50th anniversary of the camp's liberation; for everyone's health and happiness. Cheers!