From the Special War Problems Division

Department of State

Date: November 25, 1944


No. 9736

Via Air Mail Pouch


Bern, November 1, 1944.


Subject:†††American Interests ― China

††††††††† †††††Transmission report No. 3,

††††††††† †††††Civilian internment camp Weihsien.


†††††††† The American Minister at Bern has the honor to refer to the departmentís telegram No. 720 of March 20, 1942, concerning the transmission of reports of visits made by Swiss representatives to camps where Americans are detained. Reference is further made to the Legationís airmail dispatch No.7500 of March 9, 1944, with which there was transmitted report No. 2 concerning the civilian camp at Weihsien, China. Reference is also made to the Legationís telegram No. 6802 of October 12, 1944, with respect to the distribution of relief supplies at this camp.


†††††††† There is now enclosed, pursuant to the ultimate paragraph of the Legationís telegram under reference, a translation of a note dated October 27, 1944, from the Swiss Foreign Office which summarizes a visit made at the end of August, 1944 by Swiss representatives to the Weihsien camp.


†††††††† A copy of the attached document, which the legation is designating as camp report No. 3, has been made available to Mr. Francis B. James, Special Representative of the American Red Cross at Geneva.


†††††††† Enclosure:

Translation of note dated October 27, 1944, from Swiss Foreign Office.

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File No. 711.5


In quintuplicate to Department.