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From Norman Cliff:

Liberation Day -
       I can only identify two people –

--- (a) Gordon Martin, Chefoo School master, is to the right (from our point of view) of Emmanuel.  Between the two men is a white hat.  Martin has only khaki shorts on, and his left hand is in a V shape up and down.
--- (b)
Rev. Howard Smith, Methodist missionary.  His face is in the bottom right hand corner, one inch from the right edge, and one inch from the bottom.  He has glasses on.


From Father Hanquet

Le Père Hanquet me dit que le bonhomme - au milieu - c'est lui.  et -----Le petit garçon -avec son baby fat - : ----- c'est moi!

From Zandy

---The picture you have reproduced is the one that appeared in ABCIFER's March 2000 issue #19, which I have pulled out of my file.  I have looked long and hard at that picture before, even under a magnifying glass as well, and thought I could only recognise 3 people in it. (that is before you told be Fr. Hanquet is in the front of the picture holding your hand, and you know, I think he could be right.)

---The 'baldy headed' man in centre front row looks a lot like Ron Bridge's father. (Ron may be able to confirm that.)  There are 4 other men to his right, looking at the picture they are in the bottom left corner.  No. 1 and 4 are lower, while 2 and 3 are just behind them.  Well #2,  I think is S.A. Smith, who was a good friend of our family in Peking.

---There is face there who I think is me, trouble is can't remember owning the 'train attendants' hat he seems to be wearing.  The face shows a left side profile and is waving the left hand, which seems to be next to the right hand of the girl wearing what looks like a nurses uniform, complete with cap.   And if it is my face it is almost next to Norman's friend's (Gordon Martin) shoulder.

---- Block 17 (on the left)  if so the fancy window must be the canteen building on the right and the camera is pointing North along the main road towards the gate. 


From Ron Bridge:

The picture the "Bridge " family in entirety are there.

1,The bald man in front centre Leo Bridge

2. The little boy to his left holding hand of uniformed liberator "Roger Bridge" aged 3yrs 10moths.

3. The back view of the woman next with elbow showing "Margot Bridge" Mother

4. bottom right of picture in "Solar Topper" Ron Bridge.


From Janette,

The funny thing, is that Janette seems to have located my dad (Leopold Pander Senior)--- waving his hands in the middle of the crowd. If you enlarge the face --- it is just a large black smudge! But it is his shape all right ! (?)


From Zandy,

Hi Leopold,

I could not understand why your father, being so protective, would have let you go off with someone else.  I must confess, it was Fr. Hanquet's positive I.D. of himself that turned my thinking around.

My first impression was, that the 2 men wearing sun glasses looked like US service men in uniform though I couldn't see why one would be holding a little boy's hand. (maybe you have also noticed that US service men usually wear 'sunny's') . The double pocket in front is US G.I. (government issue) khaki shirts, later issued to each of us adults, in camp. 

The G.I. (which also is a reference to a US soldier.) holding the boys hand seems to be wearing a G.I 'dungaree cap' these were usually a work garment, green olive drab in color (called 'fatigues', maybe from the French word 'fatigue', pronounced the French way of course.) 

The other G.I. could even be wearing a tie(though it was unlikely) and seems to be wearing his khaki 'piss cutter' cap.  That's the rude word for it, because I can't recall the correct name for it.

Anyhow, Leopold those were my thoughts when I first saw the picture.


From Zandy,

I'm still 'sticking my neck out' on the other person who I still think looks like a GI., even though he is not tall enough to be Maj. Staiger, Jim Moore or James Hannon and it certainly is not Nagaki or the Chinese interpreter or Pete Orlick (whom I remember well), which only leaves Ray Hanchulak who was one of the 3 shortest of the 7.

So there you have it, my impressions for what it's worth and let me be the first to say, 'It's not worth much!'.


From Mike Billinghurst,

Dear Ron,
My sister found the attached at an 'Old China Hands' meeting some years ago.My father is the one without a shirt giving the'V' victory sign. I think I may be the child in the foreground holding the GI's hand!
At one stage I found on the net a map of the camp & a list of occupants by rooms - then lost it and can't locate it again! Any ideas?


From Mary Previte,

Hello, Leopold,

I believe one of the two Americans -- the on the left -- pictured in the front of this photo is Peter Orlich. It looks very much like the snapshot of Peter Orlich that his widow sent to me. You'll see that snapshot of Peter standing un uniform in your section entitled, The Magnificent Seven.

Where can I get a good view of this photo to download and mail to Carol Orlich -- so she can confirm if it is Peter?


From Stephen Metcalf, (Nov. 2008)

I spotted myself in the picture "freedom" to my chagrin I found that it had the name Gordon Martin. This is a mistake. I was working with father Hanquet in the kitchen and we were told to go out for the picture. My friends have confirmed that it is me. The picture of the river,the trench the barbed wire,the wall and tower with the back of the of the hospital shows the 3 windows of our room up at the top.

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