Going To Goa

There’s a ship a comin’ from the good old homeland
And she’s due most any day.
We’re goin’ to Goa and we won’t stop goin’
Till we hit the USA.

We’ve stuck it out till the last call sounded
And we ain’t made any fuss
But now we’re packing for the last long voyage
For the east is through with us.

Yes, the east is through with us
We can no longer stay
We’re goin’ to Goa and we won’t stop goin’
Till we hit the USA.

When the war first started we were settin’ pretty
And the skies were bright and blue
We thought we owned most of Shanghai city
And the natives thought so too.

Now we’ve lost it all but the socks we stand in
And there’s just one thought to cheer
We’ve done our bit for this Greater East Asia Co-
Prosperity Sphere.

Since we’ve moved to this Assembly Center
We’ve lived like kings and jacks
We’ve grown so fat that our clothes hand on us
Like a bunch of gunny sacks.

Oh! There ain’t no kickin’ and there ain’t no crabbin’
‘Bout the way they treat us here.
We like chicken peas better’n old fried chicken
And we’d rather have tea than beer.

There’s a lot of prayers that we all been prayin’
‘Sides the one ‘bout daily bread
There’s a lot of things we might be sayin’
That are better left unsaid.

There’s a lot of roads that a man can travel
And they don’t all lead to home
But there’s just one song we all are singin’
And it sure is “Home Sweet Home.”

There’s a guy back home by the name of Sweeney
Who will meet us at the pier
And he’ll want to know all we can tell him
“Bout this C0-prosperity Sphere.

Then we’ll blush with shame as we tell this story
Of our country and its crimes
And to prove it all we’ll show him a copy
Of the good old Shanghai Times.