__ My Souvenirs

I used to live at the Cathay
Where I was happy and free
They caught me and brought me to Chapei
Oh! They can’t do this to me.

There’s nothing left for me
Of days that used to be
There’s not one CRB
Among my souvenirs.

I used to have a car
And dine on caviar
But now I thank my star
If I get beef and tea.

My one and only wish
Is for a glorious dish
That doesn’t smell of fish
Among my souvenirs.

I had upon my rack
A white farina sack
It’s now an apron black
Among my souvenirs.

My days are filled with gloom
There’s 15 in my room
A bucket and a broom
My only consolation.

A sentimental soul
I keep my monthly dole
Of Happy Paper Roll
Among my souvenirs.

My one and only aim
To have a wooden frame
I guess you know the name
Among my souvenirs.

My life is not my own
I want to be alone
I think that I’ll go home
And drink my gin and vodka.

My arm band bright and gay
Embroidered with an “A”
Is safely tucked away
Among my souvenirs.