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Weihsien liberator TAD NAGAKI is honored, November 2007, by Mayor Dan Kusek of Alliance, Nebraska, with a framed plaque. Created by U.S. Army journalist, Renita Menyhert, the plaque includes Menyhert's article about Tad Nagaki and a 1944 photo of Nagaki and the O.S.S. Nisei unit that served behind Japanese lines in China and Burma in World War II. Menyhert's series of articles about Tad Nagaki and other Nisei heroes won a top national journalism award in 2007 for military publications in the USA. The plaque will be permanently displayed in the Alliance, Nebraska, military museum.

Nagaki was one of six Americans in the DUCK MISSION that liberated the Weihsien concentration camp, August 17, 1945.

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December 10, 2007

Mr. Tad Nagaki

2161 County Road 57
Alliance, NE 69301

Dear Mr. Nagaki,

Congratulations on the recent acknowledgment of your service to our country in World War II. You and your fellow soldiers who helped to liberate the Allied civilian prisoners in the Weihsien concentration camp in China were heroes to those prisoners. While it has been many years since the liberation, it is good to be reminded of the selflessness of those of your generation who fought for freedom. I join many other Nebraskans in saying “Thank you.”


LeRoy J. Louden, Senator

District 49