© Stan and Paul Thompson

In 1945, I was evacuated from Weihsien - with a cluster of other Chefoo people. We went by train from Weifang to Qingdao. (I can be seen in one of Norman Cliff's (?) photos of this trip.)
Upon arriving in "Tsingtao" we were each given, as a welcoming gesture, a little silk handkerchief printed with a grapevine pattern. It was stamped with the words "Lee Sien Liang (Liang Li Xian ?) / Mayor of Tsingtao". This little hanky (28 x 28 cm) - only valued for its associated memories - has lain in a tobacco tin, untouched for 60 years.
Stan Thompson
(H. Stanley Thompson, Chefoo-Weixian, 1938-1945)

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