Part I
Russia — Growing Up                                                    1
St Petersburg                                                                   3
Schlusselburg                                                                   13
Journey to Apsheronsk                                                    23
Ekatinerinodar                                                                33
Sissert                                                                             41
Tragedy in Ekatinerinburg                                                48
Flight from Sissert                                                          57
Vladivostock                                                                  63

Part II
China — Marriage                                                             71
A Whirlwind Marriage                                                      73
The Silk Route                                                                  85
Life in Urumchi                                                                 93
The Sino Swedish Exposition                                           105
Life and Death                                                                  113
Bab el-mandeb, the Gateway of Lamentation                   122
Shanghai and Tientsin                                                      130

Part III

[By courtesy of Mr Patrick M.R. Gibson] ......................
China — Internment                                                          139
Chefoo                                                                              141
Wiehsien                                                                          148
Liberty at Last                                                                  158




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