BOOKS ON WEIHSIEN CAMP (alphabetical by surname)



Courtyard of the Happy Way -

N.H. Cliff

The Enemy Within -

Fr. R.J. de Jaegher

Shantung Compound -

L. Gilkey

God can be trusted -

E. Goldsmith (Hoyte)

He goes before them -

M. Helsby

In Simple Trust -

B. Lack

We signed away our Lives -

K. Malcolm (Torjesen)

The Mushroom Years -

P. Masters

A Boy's War -

D. Michell

China Born

G. Murray

Stars in the Sky

Fr. P.J. Scanlon

The Chinese Ginger Jars -

M. Scovel

Kept in Safeguard -

M. Scott

The Cross in China -

Sr. M. Servatia

Chinese Escapade -

L. Tipton







A Curious Cage K. Abkhazi (Lunghua)

The White Pagoda F. Angus (Yangchow)

From Peking to Perth A. Briggs (Stanley)

Prisoners of the Samurai N.H. Cliff (General)

Captive in Shanghai H. Collar (Haiphong Road)

Bridge House P. Clague (Bridge House)

Interned in Shanghai G.I. Gale (Yu Yuen Road)

Behind Barbed Wires J. Gittins (Stanley)

The Cross and the Dragon K. Gillison (Yangchow)

Prisoners of Santo Thomas C. Lucas (Santo Thomas)

The Moon looks down F. McAll (Yangchow & Putong)

One Man's Words K.C. Morley (Lunghua)

Too Hot for Comfort B. Ream (Stanley)

In Whose Hands? G.A. Scott (General)

Strange Harmony W.G. Sewell (Stanley)

Stone, Paper, Scissors The Stead Sisters (Yangchow, Yu Yuen) From Mission House to Concentration Camp.

S.D. Sturton (Haiphong Road)

I was among the Captives G.C. Willis (Lunghua)