view of kitchen III looking from the ex main gate Eric Liddell's monument looking at block 50 Jap house, out of bounds entrance of Weihsien-city entrance of Weihsien-city (other side) Schmid-17 Schmid-06 Schmid-02 Schmid-03 Schmid-01 Schmid-05 Schmid-04 Schmid-08 Schmid-11 Schmid-16 Schmid-15 wilder14 wilder15 wilder16 wilder17 wilder13 wilder18 wilder11 wilder10 wilder07 wilder08 wilder09 wilder06 wilder01 wilder20 wilder19 wilder02 wilder03 wilder04 wilder05 GuardTower.jpg 12TheTest 01OverTheWall 06WatchTower 04AssemblyHall 11TheGate 07Block-6-7-8- 13parachutes 02WaterTower 03block23 09Staircase 10BasketBallField 05Graveyard 08GuardTower verhoeven08 verhoeven10 verhoeven09 verhoeven06 verhoeven07 verhoeven04 verhoeven03 verhoeven05 verhoeven02 verhoeven01 raymoore10 raymoore09 raymoore05 raymoore06 raymoore08 raymoore04 raymoore03 raymoore02 raymoore01 raymoore12 raymoore11 raymoore15 raymoore13 raymoore14 Bazire04 Bazire01 Bazire02 Bazire03 DavidBeard-1985-3 DavidBerad-1985-4 DavidBeard1985-1 DavidBeard1985-2 Cooke01 cooke04 cooke03 cooke02 go to Father Schmid's sketches go to Mrs. Gertrude Wilder's paintings go to Norman Cliff's collection go to Father Verhoeven's paintings go to Mrs. Eileen Bazire's paintings go to David Beard's photographs go to Ray Moore's photographs go to Eddie and Joyce's collection, ---> dgb1945-7 dgb1945-1 dgb1945-Block56 dgb1945-2 dgb1945-8 wilder21 Hub01 wilder12 wilder22