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... from Janette and Leopold Pander ...

Five sections of a red parachute received by our family of 5 from our American hosts -- as a souvenir -- before our departure from Weihsien on October 19, 1945.

... one of the last photos before going to camp!

... the few first photos after camp !
A little sister was born in Weihsien.

... the "second" before the last photo before leaving camp forever!

... I remember standing on the plaform of one of these trucks.
Just before passing under the Camp's Main Gate on our way to the airfield, dad said to me:
"Have a good look ... because you will never see this place again!"

... the "one" before the last photo before leaving camp forever!

Weihsien-born baby sister, Mary-lou, is already in the plane (a C-47) held by a gallant G.I. The two G.Is on the ground are helping my mother to climb into the same plane. Dad with his thick winter coat and Borsalino hat - waiting for his turn - seems to be laughing. The little boy next to him with the skinny legs: is me!
By courtesy of the U.S. Army and historian: Greg Leck.

... as you can read in the Red Cross message (above) our family was under house arrest at "Road number 3, building number 86". In fact we lived at number 86, Victoria Road - Tientsin. The Japs had already changed all the Road names into numbers!
Click on the picture to read Norman Cliff's messages found in his scrap books.

... and this is the very last photo of our family in Weihsien.

Mom is in the foreground holding baby MaryLou in her arms. I am sitting next to her and dad a little further, looking very thoughtful with his Borsalino hat on the pile of luggage just before him.

Next stop: Tientsin.

Photo by courtesy: Greg Leck.

... in the first days of 1943, our family of four was transferred to: House No. 195 on 33rd. Road (Singapore Road) - Tientsin where we lived in great discomfort waiting for a transfer to goodness knows where.

P.S. The exact address of our "home" must now read: 104 Jiefang N. Lu - Heping - Tianjin - Peoples' Republic of China.

after "Pearl Harbor":
... obligation to wear an armband

... "The food:
You can only count on enough bread and some Chinese vegetables. Occasionally, eggs, fish and meat are obtainable. However, besides these and other supplies, an additional half a pound of fish or meat per day per person would be more than adequate, to complement a meal.

Work and working hours:
… varied. In general, one day off, every three days for the men, and every two days for the women.
Labour is normal for our community life, (cleaning, coal transport, peeling of vegetables, etc. )...

... letter from a French citizen living in Shanghai.

French nationals under the protection of the
"Vichy Laws"
were not incarcerated in concentration camps as we were ...
Many stayed in contact with us and occasionaly sent us most needed food parcels ...

-- This postcard went all the way from China to Europe, then at WAR.
-- By train, via Siberia;
-- Hitler had attacked Russia on June 22nd, 1941 and so the post card travelled via Turkey instead;

Marie Louise Pander
July 7, 1944 ...

"... For enterprise and promptness
Commend us to the one
Who came to Camp two days ago; ... "

Journal de Shanghaï,
24 août, 1943

Le Journal de Shanghaï, 3 juillet 1943 ...

Albert's visit to Brussels,
November 28, 2004
... a selection of photographs ...

Journée du Souvenir à Chaumont-Gistoux - Belgique,
le 6 MAI 2005.

Christine's visit to Belgium
August, 2005. ...

... from Shanghai to Weihsien ...
January, 2006 ...
The Kite Fabric.

January 2006, (day two)
... visit to the old Weihsien Compound

January 2006, (day three)
... Weifang, ... the
Kite Museum and a very warm & excellent "hot-pot"

Easter 2006
Gay Stratford, née Talbot's visit to Belgium.

... with the red parachute from Weihsien, received after the War ...

- Alcatraz est une prison en Amérique ...
- White Sulphur Spring est un camp d'internés pour les Japs en Amérique ...
Article à garder S.V.P. pour les gosses ...

Edmond Van Genechten,
... a Belgian artist and one of the Roman Catholic priests imprisonned in Weihsien ...

Doctor Neve was a lifetime friend of our parents. She too, was in Weihsien and lived in Scotland after the War ...