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Mary Previte mtprevite@aol.com [weihsien_camp]
Fri, 4 Aug 2017 at 02:43
[weihsien_camp] "Eddie" Wang Cheng Han , Liberation Day

Liberation Day is August 17, 1945

Let's all send brief e-mail thank you's or greetings to our last living Weihsien liberator, "Eddie" Wang Cheng Han. Mr. Wang is 93 years old. This week, he became a great grandfather. When you read his story here, you will realize that he was a college freshman in 1945 when he dropped out of college to fight the Japanese. Because he could speak English, and had been briefly trained as an interpreter, "Eddie" Wang became the Chinese interpreter for the liberation team. He had never parachuted from an airplane before that jump.

In his story, he downplays that during the Cultural Revolution, he was arrested and imprisoned for being a friend of the Americans. All his Weihsien treasures were confiscated
His e-mail address is 1626320433@qq.com

Mary Taylor Previte