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Mary Previte mtprevite@aol.com [weihsien_camp]
Sun, 7 Jan 2018 at 15:29
Re: [weihsien_camp] Angela Cox Elliot


Have you a copy of the book, A Cross in China. The story of my mission, by Sister M. Servatia. O.S.F.?

This book includes a detailed account of the Weihsien Camp with regular references of Sister Eustella. It was copyrighted by Sr. M. Servatia, OSF, Cuchillian Publications, 1989 — One Rose Marie’s Alley, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46802.

The author, Sister Servatia, was interned in Weihsien.

The president of Cardinal Stritch University, wrote to me after she read my cover story printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer — Song of Salvation at Weihsien Prison Camp. She said the university had plenty of copies of Sister Servatia’s book as well as photocopies of Sr. Julian’s account of those days. President Schneider’s letter to me also mentions photos of the camp.

This was twenty years ago.

The name and address I was given:
Sister Mary Lee Schneider, 225 West Bradley, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 53217

This fascinating account includes details I knew nothing about:
“On September 6th, the Swiss Consul appeared with an American pilot who had been shot down and hidden from the Japanese by Chinese. Father Maus, one of the SVD father’s of Tsingtao reported the case and the pilot was taken to Chungking.”

I believe Leopold Pander has a voice recording on the Weihsien web site of that American pilot.

Mary Taylor Previte

KELLY HUNSAKER hunsakermountain@msn.com [weihsien_camp]
Sun, 7 Jan 2018 at 02:23
Re: [weihsien_camp] Angela Cox Elliot to Kelly Hunsaker

Sister Eustella was with a different school. I coudn't remember the name of it, but Anne helped me out.

Thank you!

KELLY HUNSAKER hunsakermountain@msn.com [weihsien_camp]
Sun, 7 Jan 2018 at 02:18
Re: [weihsien_camp] Angela Cox Elliot

Thank you.
Yes my aunt was in Tsingtao.
She was with School Sisters of St Francis out of Wisconsin.

'A. Knuppe' annemoen@tele2.nl [weihsien_camp]
Sat, 6 Jan 2018 at 11:53
Re: [weihsien_camp] Angela Cox Elliot

No, Kelly.
I don’t remember where S. Eustella’s school was, but she was from a different religious congregation.
My old school in Tientsin was run by the nuns of the Missionaries of Mary, a Canadian order, I believe.

Anne de Jongh

Angela angelalousia@yahoo.ca [weihsien_camp]
Fri, 5 Jan 2018 at 22:08
Re: [weihsien_camp] Angela Cox Elliot to Kelly Hunsaker
thurs Jan 5

Hi Kelly,

Can you give me more information as not familiar with Sister Eustella.

I was born 1943 in Weihsien & attended St Joseph/s in 1948 Tientsin ?? Sister Eustella wasn't there then.

Alas am not able to scan - wonder if Anne/s Niece Mieke can do it for you from the photos I/ve sent Anne.
Missing is the beautiful chapel photo which was the most important.
I made photo copies for the Chinese school that occupied St Josephs but alas they have been relocated to a different area.... after our Weihsien reunion 2015 - Louise (Anne/s sister) & I went to visit the school & its no more.

The school had been interested in its past - its been approx. 9 yrs since I made copies & not unable to find the envelope but Steve Upton was sent copies he/s been very interested in our school - An American - but he doesn't have it..

I will keep looking- Steve sent copies to me & FOR Anne.

I/ve asked Pamela Masters to find her copy as I sent to her too after I read her book The Mushroom years - that must have close to 20 years ago - said she/d try to find them after the holidays.

cheers angela

KELLY HUNSAKER hunsakermountain@msn.com [weihsien_camp]
Fri, 5 Jan 2018 at 21:34
Re: [weihsien_camp] Angela Cox Elliot

Is this the school which my aunt, Sister Eustella, ran?
If so, can the photos be scanned and posted?

Kelly Hunsaker

miekemelief miekemelief@kpnmail.nl [weihsien_camp]
Thu, 4 Jan 2018 at 23:58
Re: [weihsien_camp] Angela Cox Elliot

Lieve Anneke, wat leuk. Ik hoop ze tzt een keer te zien. Wat aardig van Angela.

Liefs Mieke

'A. Knuppe' annemoen@tele2.nl [weihsien_camp]
Thu, 4 Jan 2018 at 22:10
[weihsien_camp] Angela Cox Elliot

Dear Angela,

Been trying to contact you these days, but you were off-line. This is to let you know that the large enveloppe with all the pictures of St.Joseph’s arrived safely and I certainly enjoyed studying them. What a shame that the beautiful front facade has been pulled down- only a small part remains with the playground and garden. Thank you for all the trouble you took and the nice long letter you wrote. I’ll contact you again when you are back.

Best wishes,
Anne de J.