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From: weihsien_camp@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2020 6:25 PM
To: Leopold
Cc: Carinne Cunningham
Subject: Re: [weihsien_camp] new photos

Dear Leopold,
You have done a fantastic job on the website and all the other little things that keep coming your way. For that, we all thank you, also for keeping us together as one big family. So glad you took it upon yourself to do this, not many would.

I have a request, Could you forget about camp for one minute and write about your life, when, how you left camp and where you went and how your life and your family worked out. I have been hearing about how difficult it was going, back home, or staying in China, of hardship with no jobs, funds wiped out, bitter tales of not being welcomed in your own country. To tales of joys and reunions, of a fantastic new life! There is much more to the story than the camp life, the disruption of the past, and the struggle for a new future, some good some bad. So much changed, life would have been so very different. How Did you and your family manage?

How did you come to the here and now? There is a story and a half. has the time there at camp made our families better people, stronger and able to bounce back?

I know with the pandemic I do not worry about being in lockdown and feel what is a few years if the outcome is good, perhaps it is being older and retired. Been there seen it.

Is it too much probing? Just interested. What do the others think?

Once again a BIG THANK YOU.

Take care and stay safe
Molly Soltay

From: Brian Butcher
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2020 9:03 PM
To: Leopold & Nicky
Subject: Re: [weihsien_camp] new photos

Hello Leopold,
Thanks so much for doing this. Some of the photos and videos bring back many memories especially of the last time we were there together.
Stay safe,
Brian Butcher

From: weihsien_camp@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2020 11:44 AM
To: weihsien_camp@yahoogroups.com
Cc: '乐道院·潍县集中营博物馆' ; Carinne Cunningham
Subject: [weihsien_camp] new photos

Go To :

Dated September 16, Mr Neal Wu sent me a batch of new photos. I am not finished yet with the layout but the photos are visible. (So far so good)
… enjoy

Take care & keep safe

From: Carinne Cunningham
Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2020 6:41 PM
To: weihsien_camp-subscribe@yahoogroups.com; L PR

Jacqueline de Saint Hubert MacLean trying to join yahoo group

Hello all,
Hopefully we are joining the Weihsien camp yahoo group.
Thank you Leopold, Christine, Gay, Peter, Angela and others for helping us connect.
And a tremendous thank you to Leopold for the continuing diligent work on the excellent website you have created and maintained.
Best wishes at all,

Angela angelalousia@yahoo.ca [weihsien_camp]
tapol@skynet.be [weihsien_camp]
Sat, 12 Sep at 10:55

Re: [weihsien_camp] two new videos** sori my msg went to you

Hi Leopold,
Have just spent hours watching the videos ...generously sent by you...

My message was to Drew old friend who helps me - as I originally had to type the line in to watch the video of one o your last messages-It works when the line is shown in blue ...now have watched all of them several times.

Thank you for creating the website & keeping us all informed - I regret neglecting to say this in my video as others have but its very much appreciated especially since I recall nothing but after reading the * I remember** chapters & what others submitted - I can almost visualize being there during that time. I telephoned Christine Talbot Sancton to tell how her much I enjoyed reading her mother/s diary ...a few chapters each nite & recognized names of people ... also mention of my parents & me for the tea party held for the new babies- believe your youngest sister was voted the cutest baby.

Hard to believe 75 years have past already .
Will definitely try to return to Weihsin if things ever return to normal. Neal Wu - has certainly come thru with the videos the grand opening - quite the ceremony. Ours is the only camp to held reunions & to be so well remembered.

cheers angela

tapol@skynet.be [weihsien_camp]
Sat, 12 Sep at 09:20
From: L PR
Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2020 8:21 AM
To: weihsien_camp@yahoogroups.com
Subject: RE: [weihsien_camp] two new videos(( camn you do this one too in blue
[click here]

Hope it works for you …
Bien amicalement,

Angela angelalousia@yahoo.ca [weihsien_camp]
tapol@skynet.be [weihsien_camp]
Re: [weihsien_camp] two new videos(( camn you do this one too in blue
Fri, 11 Sep at 23:01

Molly told mr T & he wants to see = wud be much easier if yiou cud change to blue so I can just click tnx

tapol@skynet.be [weihsien_camp]
Fri, 11 Sep at 11:21
[weihsien_camp] two new videos

Hi !
Two new videos … go to :

… I just received them from Neal Wu …
I am still busy for the photos’ layout … give me time …
À bientôt,

Albert de Zutter albertarthur@sbcglobal.net [weihsien_camp]
Cc: Carinne Cunningham
Wed, 9 Sep at 21:52
Re: [weihsien_camp] an interesting question.

I don't know the answer to your question. My brother, John, is 90, and I am 88. Are we the second and third oldest?
Albert de Zutter

'Sancton' sancton@nbnet.nb.ca [weihsien_camp]
Cc: Carinne Cunningham
Wed, 9 Sep at 21:15
an interesting question.

Dear Weihsien friends:

Recently we received from Leopold a lovely video made by Solange Jacqueline Saint-Hubert Binda McLean in reply to the request for contributions for the opening of the museum in Weihsien.

I was able to get in touch with Solange, a very spry 98 year old.

She is wondering if she is the oldest surviving prisoner of Weihsien.

Does any one know? She was born in 1922.

The article that Leopold sent of the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of our liberation and the opening of the museum, was very interesting, I wish we could have been there.

I hope all is going well in your countries. Our schools are just opening this week. A difficult time but the school children sound very excited to be back after 6 months.

Stay safe and healthy.
Christine Talbot Sancton

tapol@skynet.be [weihsien_camp]
Cc: '乐道院·潍县集中营博物馆','Alexandra Cunningham'
Wed, 9 Sep at 11:45

Hi !
Go To :

… the renovated museum is now open..

I searched the “Internet” and found a bit of info about the subject and transferred it all on “our” website. (In the “Remember, “chapter.)

Mr. Neal Wu ― our new contact in Weifang ― promised to send me more info, newspapers, photos, videos, etc. … all about the new museum in what had once been a Concentration Camp 75 years ago.

Best regards,