A brief history of Weihsien,

by Norman Cliff


In 1883 the Shandong Mission of the American Presbyterian Church decided to open a new station at the important city of Weihsien, which had the advantage of being equidistant between Chefoo and Tsinan.  Services were commenced in a rented room near Weihsien. 
       The work grew and a church and hospital were built, and houses for the missionaries.  In 1900 the Boxers completely destroyed all the buildings.  In 1904 larger premises were built with the help of compensation money from the Chinese government plus funds from the USA, and the Shantung Christian University was formed in conjunction with the British Baptists who also contributed to the costs.
       In 1917 the university was moved to Tsinan, the capital of the province, where it became the Chilu University with 17 societies all co-operating.
       The premises left behind in Weihsien became a training centre for Christian lay workers - with classrooms in "Block 23" and married quarters for the trainees in the small rooms in blocks later used in the camp as accommodation for married internees.

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