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Fri, 24 Nov 2017 at 00:51
[weihsien_camp] English review of "Hier in het Oosten alles wel"

Dear followers of this Yahoogroup,

Recently I discovered a very good and extensive review (in English) of my book Hier in het Oosten alles wel on the website of Brill, the Dutch publisher of scientific books and journals (brillonline, booksandjournals). Author of the review: Harry Poeze. (new publications on Eastern Language, Culture and Ethnology)

As Ann de Jongh and I are asked frequently by ex Weihsien internees or their families if there exists an english translation of the book (unfortunately the answer is no) we think that this review is a very accurate and detailed description of the story and would be interesting for you to read.

Leopold Pander added this information to the Weihsien Paintings site. Just go to the following link:

The blogs on the website of the book www.hierinhetoostenalleswel.nl are written in Dutch too, but you wil find many pictures and photographs made in China during the period of 1919-1946.

Best regards,
Mieke Melief (niece of Ann the Jongh and author of the book)