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October 3, 2023

Norwegian and English texts included.

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[updated: April 2023]
It had been my original intention to name this book "MILESTONES IN A SAILOR'S LIFE", but when it was pointed out to me that milestones played no part in a sailor's life, I substituted "Knots" for "Milestones".

[updated: March 2023]
In the 30 years from 1888 to 1920, Tyler has witnessed Dadonggou naval battle, Weihaiwei siege in China, and has contacted with the various figures from important officials to the civilians and pirates.

In the early morning hours on 16 August 1945 the day after Japan surrendered Eagle team, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Willis Bird climbed aboard a C-47 in Xian, China, on a one way trip for Keijo. Bird was a 36-year old graduate of the Wharton School of Finance. [...]

December 6, 2022]
A summarised idea of what is within ...

October 2022,

Mr. Pander's
First letter "home" after Camp.

A summarised idea of what is within ...

Qui est criminel de guerre ?
Celui qui tue ?
Celui qui donne l'ordre de tuer ?
Celui au nom de qui on tue ?
Lequel est criminel de guerre ?


We didn't talk about it afterward. Not to loved ones, or to neighbors who stared at us from across the street, or to the newspapermen who were curious to know more about these lost children, returned from the war in the East like ghosts come back from the dead. We quietly packed it all away in our battered suitcases and stepped awkwardly back into the lives we'd once known. Eventually, everyone stopped asking; ...

Harbin in north China was once the heart of a vibrant Russian community. But by the mid-1930s, the Japanese occupation of Manchuria drove many Russians to seek refuge elsewhere. For the thousands who returned to their motherland in the Soviet Union, it was a bitter home coming. At the height of Stalin's purges, they were arrested as Japanese spies. Some were shot, others sent to labour camps, few survived. (...)

Les souvenirs d'une enfant qui échappe aux nazis pour aboutir dans les camps japonais.

Preface The red-bearded Caucasian in Chinese mandarin garb looking down from the frame above my parents' mantle was my dad's grandfather, Paul Splingaerd. He was a Belgian who went to China and married the Chinese lady in the matching frame a few feet away. He was the reason I was born in China, and that was all I knew about him for most of my life.

Through the years, when I asked relatives about Paul, they would tell ...

December 2020

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From mid-June 2000 to today ...

April 17, 2020

+ 16 new paintings added to Mrs. Ida Talbot's collection

© by courtesy
Gay, Peter and Christine Talbot

excerpts of their mother's Weihsien Diary ...

April 4, 2020 ...


Trading Places,
a photographic journey through China’s former treaty ports

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New Photo Album of Mieke's recent trip to China ...

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Peter Bazire's Bird Diary

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25 September 2019:

`I heard from someone who speaks Japanese that they have received orders that if the Allies set foot on Honshu or Kyushu, their home islands, we are all to be eliminated and the guards then have to fall on their swords,' Grandpa said, with a certain relish.
'Bert, not in front of Ronald, please,' Granny said.
Then turning to me,
'Do not worry, nothing like that will happen. When we win the war we will go back safe to home.'
I was not sure whether to believe
Granny or Grandpa ...

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It is now fully responsive. The old version used the "post-it" technique ... difficult to read on smartphones ...

... another way of visiting the Weihsien Paintings' website ...

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... Rod Miller's selection of confidential (declassified) documents from the National Archives - Australia

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David's chapter reviewed ...

July 5, 2019
The Bono-family archives:

sold on eBay; (April 2019)
6.000.00 USD
buyer: unknown.

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My “1st Class Journey” account was in June, in 1944 or 1945 - ... just 27hours of observations of Camp life.

Peter Bazire.

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June 25, 2019
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Documentary & interviews from CNTV recopied from the Chinese "Internet".

... & what can be found on the Chinese version of: "You Tube" ... all about Weihsien - 1943-1945 ...

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Shan Dong Film & TV Production Center ...

... a complete series of 5 DVDs programmed for the China television network in 2008 ...

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After the 60-year celebrations in Weifang (2005), a "TV-team" came to visit us in Belgium (2007) to gather material & interviews for a documentary about Weihsien 1943-1945 ...

June 2019
"Only Concentration in Chefoo"

... as a school project for National History Day, a nation wide competition in which students create history projects in various formats and are judged accordingly.

June 2019
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Jamie Taylor’s Bird Watching Diary 1944 -1945 By Mary Taylor Previte (Jamie’s little sister)

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