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NEW "I-Remember" chapter.
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... another way of visiting the Weihsien Paintings' website ...

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... Rod Miller's selection of confidential (declassified) documents from the National Archives - Australia

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Dorothy Potter's strory with a new layout ...
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David's chapter reviewed ...

July 5, 2019
The Bono-family archives:

sold on eBay; (April 2019)
6.000.00 USD
buyer: unknown.

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My “1st Class Journey” account was in June, in 1944 or 1945 - ... just 27hours of observations of Camp life.

Peter Bazire.

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... in the "People/Chefoo-group", go to Peter Bazire's chapter. New layout for his "Weihsien-Diary". The pages are now "readable"! Also [click] on the little face with the blinking eyes ...
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... in the "People/Chefoo-group", the Stanley & Audrey Nordmo's chapter is finished ...

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The "Other-Books" chapter is finished ...

June 25, 2019
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Documentary & interviews from CNTV recopied from the Chinese "Internet".

... & what can be found on the Chinese version of: "You Tube" ... all about Weihsien - 1943-1945 ...

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Shan Dong Film & TV Production Center ...

... a complete series of 5 DVDs programmed for the China television network in 2008 ...

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After the 60-year celebrations in Weifang (2005), a "TV-team" came to visit us in Belgium (2007) to gather material & interviews for a documentary about Weihsien 1943-1945 ...

June 2019
"Only Concentration in Chefoo"

... as a school project for National History Day, a nation wide competition in which students create history projects in various formats and are judged accordingly.

June 2019
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Jamie Taylor’s Bird Watching Diary 1944 -1945 By Mary Taylor Previte (Jamie’s little sister)

May 2019 ... and before:

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