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The Artists:

... in 2002, we were laboriously exchanging painting reproductions by snailmail -- (expensive photocopies). (see Topica messages) ... that is when all this the website started -- from scrap!

Father Louis Henri Aloys SCHMID
Born in Breda (Holland) March 17, 1879.
Died in Sittard (Holland) October 8, 1959.
He belonged to the Lazarist Catholic Mission and was in Weihsien for a short time before being sent back to Peking.
His sketches are probably Indian ink wash drawings on cardboard. He must have tried oil painting for the sketch of the church.

... water colours by Mrs.Eileen Bazire ...

... water colours by Mrs. Gertrude Wilder ...

... color paintings ...
From Joyce & Eddie Cooke's collection.

... color paintings and sketches ...
From Norman Cliff's scrap books.

... water colours by ...
Mrs. Ida Talbot.

... watercolour and sketches ...
Ted Pearson's collections.

William A. Smith's shetches from Weihsien ...
... © courtesy Kim Smith

... paintings, sketches and souvenirs from Jacqueline de Saint Hubert.



The Main Gate:

A series of paintings by Mrs. Eileen Bazire.
This particular painting of Block-22 and Block-15 (on the left) viewed from Market Square Park looking Northwards with the sun illuminating the scene.

... our family of 5, lived in Block-22, rooms 7 and 8 ...

The Maingate:
view from "inside" of the camp.
sketched by
Father Louis Schmid.

The Front Gate
by Mrs. Gertrude Wilder.
The artist painted this, sitting "outside" ... beyond the Camp entrance. The Guard House is on the left!

Artist's impression of the front gate of Weihsien Camp. The characters are "Le Dao Yuan", meaning "Courtyard of the Happy Way". The property had been an American Presbyterian mission compound.
Sketched by Hugh Hubbard

... go to Norman Cliff's scrapbooks ...
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Weihsien, camp main gate
water colour by Mrs. Eileen Bazire

The Gate to Freedom,
by Mrs. M.S. Jamieson, 1944.

After many years, in 2002, the Main Gate of the - once, a WWII "concentration camp" was rubbed out. Ray Moore writes: ... although there was no obvious sign of it I took pictures of the place where the front gate used to be (picture 9) ... and have no doubt of my accuracy in this.

Photo (most probably) taken by Roy Tchoo ... of the Main Entrance of the Camp -- just after our liberation in August 1945. In the middle are Sylvia Tchoo and her mother.

Entrance of camp, taken from the inside.
To the right was the Italian sector.
It was Mrs. Eileen Bazire who sketched this picture. It is at the front of a little book In Whose Hands? A story of Internment in China by George A. Scott.

... by William A. Smith, U.S.Army.

The Maingate and guard house ...
by Jacqueline de Saint Hubert.
Beyond the main entrance was - in fact - our garbage dump (omitted by the artist).

Photo by William A. Smith (U.S. Army) taken from "outside" the camp. The entrance doors are quite visible in the background.
(above): Ted Pearson and his brother... after liberation.

"The Way In"
The main entrance - as seen from out-of-bounds ---

"The Night Time Gate"
The main entrance - closed for the night ---

"The Night Time Gate"
The main entrance - as seen from "IN the camp" ---

... paintings by Mrs. Ida Talbot.
The camp main entrance or, "The Gate to Freedom" was a very popular subject for the many artists in the camp.