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Joyce Bradbury née Cooke ...

Memoirs of a Teenage Girl Prisoner of the Japanese in China

Joyce Bradbury (nee Cooke) was born 1928 in China with British citizenship. Following the declaration of war by the Allies on Japan after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, she was interned by the Japanese Army at Wei-Hsien (now called Weifang) northern China with 2000 other Allied nationals for almost four years.

In this book she tells the amazing story of her family's long involvement in China, her life growing up in China, the disturbing experiences of the Japanese internment camp, liberation from the camp by the US military, post-war China, migration to Australia, and then employment with the Singaporean police.

She describes her later life in Australia, her return to China to visit the former Japanese camp and reflects on the approach of the Japanese to the barbarities its wartime regime visited on the many peoples it subjugated.

As her story ends, she pays a moving tribute to an extraordinary Australian who was the hero of her Japanese prison camp.

Cover design: Gianni Frinzi ISBN 0-646-39039-2


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Chapter 1 --- How I came to be in Australia

Chapter 2 --- The Cooke family and me

Chapter 3 --- Growing up in Tsingtao

Chapter 4 --- The Japanese change my life

Chapter 5 --- Teenage prisoner of the Japanese

Chapter 6 --- Liberation

Chapter 7 --- Home to Tsingtao

Chapter 8 --- First-time Sydneysider

Chapter 9 --- Return to Asia

Chapter 10 --- Second-time Sydneysider goes back to China

Chapter 11 --- Reflections on hard times

Chapter 12 --- Thanks Father

Chapter 13 --- The Happy Way

Chapter 14 --- Another view of Wei-Hsien

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