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... seventy years later, ...

August 16, 2015 - The Banquet:
(from left to right): Angela Cox Elliot, Brian Kerry, Adrian Mark Butcher, Brian Butcher, Janette Ley-Pander, Leopold Pander (empty chair), Hakon Daniel Torjesen, Deirdre Johnson (empty chair), Joyce Esda Cotterill, Joseph Charles Cotterill, Louise deJongh, Patricia Liddell Russell, Heather Liddell Ingham ...

August 17, 2015.

... in Weifang,
70 Years later: August 17, 2015


... a message from Mr. Sui Shude:

August 9, 2015 :
The Shadyside Hospital repair work started this March and will be finished this Thursday. The hospital is the main building existed of Ledaoyuan, as well as Weihsien Concentration Camp site under the protection of Shandong Provincial People's Government for its historical value. Now it has turned to be, also, a big exhibition house of Ledaoyuan and Weihsien Camp and will be open to public.
We have collected SOME items of Weihsien Camp life for exhibit from some former internees and some local people, except photos and paintings, and still many beautiful exhibition boxes there are empty. Any donations of items of Weihsien Camp life are highly appreciated.

Weihsieners are warmly welcome to the 70th anniversary reunion in Weifang in this August.

Among the 87 registered participants to the reunion there are 15 former internees, so far recorded.
All participants to the reunion will stay in Dongfang Hotel from August 16 to 18th.
Sui Shude -Weifang Foreign Affairs Office (FAO)

August 9, 2015 :

From: " [weihsien_camp]" <>
Date: Sunday 9 August 2015 18:39
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Subject: [weihsien_camp]

Schedule of the 2015 Weihsien Reunion in Weifang:

Schedule of the 2015 Weihsien Reunion in Weifang:

August 16th(SUN):
Pick-up Weihsieners from Qingdao Airport , Weifang Airport or Weifang Railway Station.
Afternoon: all Weihsieners arrive in Weifang, registered and check-in Dongfang Hotel;
18:00 City officials meet with former internees (in the hotel)
18:30 Welcome banquet for all Weihsieners (in the hotel)

August 17th(MON)
Breakfast(in the hotel)

Attend the Unveiling Ceremony of Eric Liddell Bronze Statue;
Issue ceremony of the translated book "Shandong Compund"
Visit the Weihsien Camp Memorial exhibition;
Visit the Le Dao Yuan site and Le Dao Square
Appreciate the issue ceremony of the film(on shooting) on Weihsien Camp
Lunch in Dongfang Hotel

Weihsieners meet with Eddie Wang, one of the Duck Team parachutist;
Bus to Binhai to enjoy a sea beach visit and an evening party and dinner
Back to Dongfang Hotel

August 18(TUE)
Breakfast(in the hotel)
Bus to Shouguang city to visit the International Vegetable Expo. Exhibition Center
Lunch in Dongfang Hotel

City Tour--Visit Yangjiabu New Year Picture & Kite Exhibition Garden
City Tour-- Visit Weifang Wetland Park
Farewell Banquet Dinner near the Wetland Park

August 19th(WED)
Breakfast(in the hotel)
Farewell after breakfast

Bus to Airport/Train Station

Note: Schedule is subject to changes according to weather or new arrangements. New schedule will be presented to Weihsieners at registration counter in Dongfang Hotel on Autust 16th.
Contact: Sui Shude Weifang FAO Tel:13905369362 13625363618 Email:
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... our host:
Mr. Sui Shude,


In mid­1945, a team of US soldiers liberated a Japanese internment camp in East China, freeing more than 2,000 foreign civilians.
A young Chinese scholar was also a member of the rescue party, and 70 years later, he’s still feted by those he helped to save. ...

On August 17, Brian Butcher (from Canada) is standing in the front of the British Olympic champion Eric Liddell's memorial. Between 1942 and 1945, Brian was a prisoner of the Japanese, mostly in Weifang concentration camp with his father and mother.
This same day, ...


Guests of honour:

Ex-internees of Weihsien Concentration Camp:

our hosts:

The Families ...

... the various speeches of the day.

(Unfortunately not "all" the speeches).

official group photo

Elaine Yau's photos,

Michael Rank's photos,

Photos by
Brian Kerry and Cheryl Tosh :

TsingTao, now: Quindao.

Photos by
Brian Kerry and Cheryl Tosh :

Chefoo, now Yantaï

Photos by
Brian Kerry and Cheryl Tosh :

Weihsien, now Weifang

Photo by Cheryl Tosh:
... the whole group ...

Leopold Pander's photos:

-August 16:
- the reception,

Leopold Pander's photos:

-August 17:
- Liberation Day,

Leopold Pander's photos:

-August 18:
- the Camp visit & Kites,

Photos by Pierre Ley-Pander:

August 16,
- the reception ...

Photos by Pierre Ley-Pander:

August 17,
- Liberation Day (part-1) ...

Photos by Pierre Ley-Pander:

August 17,
- Liberation Day (part-2) ...

Photos by Pierre Ley-Pander:

August 18,
- in Weifang ... ...

Brian Butcher's photos ...

Tabatha Soltay's photos, ...

Janette Ley-Pander's photos, ...

Angela Cox-Elliot's photos, ...

From Nicholas Kitto,
a professional photographer from
Hong Kong ...

... read in a Weifang Newspaper, ...

Documentary and Interviews ...

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