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September 1st, 1931 Japan Invades Manchuria (Mukden Incident)
November 25, 1936 Anti-Comintern Pact: Germany and Japan
July 7, 1937 Japan Attacks Beiping (Marco Polo Bridge)
August 13, 1937 - November 26, 1937 Battle of Shanghai
December 9, 1937 - January 31, 1938 The Battle of Nanking
December 13, 1937 Nanking Massacre
January - 1938 Japanese Troops occupy Chefoo
September 1, 1939 Europe Germany invades Poland
June 1, 1941 Europe Germany Invades USSR
DEC 7, 1941 Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor
December 1941 ... "Enemy Nationals" Japan declares War on Britain & America.
Restrictions & house arrest for all Western nationals at war with Japan.
"Pa" Bruce (Headmaster) arrested & imprisonned in Astor House.
Compulsory armbands: Movement restrictions.
January 25, 1942 Chefoo "Pa" Bruce released.
May, 1942 Battle of Coral Sea
June, 1942 Battle of Midway
August 22, 1942 Chefoo Japanese commander announce plans to take over the whole
Chefoo compound.
November 5, 1942 Chefoo House arrest: Temple Hill
August 1942 to February 1943 Battle of Guadalcanal
From Pearl Harbor to March 1943 Weihsien The Japanese Army squat the Weihsien Compound - deteriorating the Hospital's infrastructure and surroundings ...
March 1943 Weihsien "Enemy Nationals" living in North China are herded into Weihsien Camp
August 16, 1943 Weihsien > Peking Roman Catholic Priests and Nuns leave Weihsien for Peking ...
September 15, 1943 Weihsien Prisoner exchange > M/V Gripsholm
September 15, 1943 Chefoo - Weihsien Arrival of the Chefoo School
November 1943 Battle of Tarawa
June 6, 1944 Europe Operation Overlord in Normandy - Europe
October to December 1944 Battle of Leyte
January 1945 Weihsien We all receive Red Cross Parcels
February to March 1945 Battle of Iwo Jima
May 8, 1945 Europe Germany surrenders
April - June 1945 Battle of Okinawa
AUGUST 6, 1945 1st ATOM BOMB over Hiroshima
August 14, 1945 HiroHito: surrender speech
August 17, 1945 Weihsien Liberation of the Camp - OSS team = "Duck Mission"
September 26, 1945 Chefoo Chefoo School evacuated to Edgewater Mansions Hotel, Tsingtao.
October, 1945 Weihsien ... last evacuations by air.
December 9, 1945 Japan Formally Surrenders - USS Missouri.

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Declarations of war during World War II

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This is a timeline of formal declarations of War during World War II.

A brief History,
by Norman Cliff.

How it all began
by Norman Cliff:

World War II in the Pacific

Dec 1941--Aug 1945

... found on the Internet:
What is The New Order in Greater Asia ?

... a Chinese interpretation !

(scroll down for the text in English)

... a dissertation
by Christina D. Spink.
Expanded Historical Context:

... the last prisoners were evacuated from Weihsien by C47s in October 1945.

© by courtesy Patty Everett
Editorial/Production Coordinator
Leatherneck Magazine
& Lt. Col Tom McKenney , USMC,(retired)
and former Cpl. John B. Tonkin

The Boxer Rebellion
by Norman Cliff.

The Mainichi
A National Newspaper for International Readers

... a series of photographs of the Weihsien Compound and the adjacent city of Wei or Fang Ze --- now Weifang.
The date of the photos?
Approximately at the beginning of the 20th century, a few years after the boxer rebellion.
© Erik Gustafson

... a printer friendly version of the documents found in Norman Cliff's scrapbooks.

Ron Bridge