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Going To Goa

There’s a ship a comin’ from the good old homeland
And she’s due most any day.
We’re goin’ to Goa and we won’t stop goin’
Till we hit the USA.

My Souvenirs

I used to live at the Cathay
Where I was happy and free
They caught me and brought me to Chapei
Oh! They can’t do this to me.

There’s nothing left for me
Of days that used to be ...

Tune – Take Me Back Home, F.W. Cheney

Oh give me a home where the buffaloes roam
And they don’t cut things up to make hash!
Where the boy mops the floors and does all the chores
And looks after the garbage and trash.

Oh give me a home near the old Canidrome ...

Tune – The Old Oaken Bucket

How dear to our hearts are the scenes of old Weihsien
When fond recollection presents them to view
The court yards, the main roads, the well trodden by ways, paths
And every loved spot where we stood in a queue
The beautiful garden , the wide spreading shade trees ...

Blues by Nancy Cochran, Tune by Solomon Levi

We used to be executives who labored with our brains,
With secretaries neat and quick to spare us many pains.
And when the ticker tape gave out we didn’t touch a thing,
The office staff could tend to that, we did the ordering.

But now we’re in Weihsien
Nothing’s too dirty to do ...

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